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The big winter event for our skaters is the AFSC Holiday Show. Skaters work on their moves and routines through the first session and the club board  and parents coordinate great costumes, music and fun on the day!

Every skater in the club gets to participate. Most Advanced and Basic Skills skaters do routines, but there is no pressure to perform solo - some kids prefer duets, even trios. Younger kids also do group routines. 

Please bring friends and family to support our skaters.

November 24, 2019

Tests are a way skaters can measure their progress. USFSA test sessions are offered by Absaroka Figure Skaing Club yearly, on the day before our competition.
The result of your test does not affect your competition classification for 28 days.


Applications to test must be signed off on by their coach, and the test chair of our club, and test fees are payable prior to the day of testing.

Member of other clubs are welcome to test with us and must submit permission from his/her home club in order to test at AFSC.  

Mar 20, 2020

The highlight of the AFSC calendar is always competing in the Cody Sring Classic Competition.

Everyone can enter; there are

levels of competition for ALL skaters, from advanced to the Snowplow Sams. 

Our coaches work with skaters preparing routines through the year (even when the kids don't realise they are being prepped) and skaters from clubs in surrounding states come to compete and join the fun.

Mar 21-22, 2020



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