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The Cody Figure Skating Board

President:            Erin Hubbman
Vice President    Christine Castillo

Secretary:            Karen Anderson

Treasurer:           Kerry Louderbackwood

Members:            Lori Lord

                               Lisa Bowden

                               Kelly McQuiston

                               Maria Tabara

                               Shannon Crandall



Board Meetings

Board meetings are held monthly while the CFSC is in session. Additional meetings may be convened as needed. 

While we absolutely welcome suggestions of items for the agenda at our meetings,  we do need to keep our agenda's tight for the sake of productivity. If you would like to discuss or present an idea or issue at the board meeting, please submit one week in advance of the meeting.

Please do not bring your skater/s to board meetings. Inevitably we discuss issues that affect the kids and its not always apropriate for our skaters to hear these discussions. Of course there are times when we need to get feedback from the skaters themselves, but we want to be sure they are all consulted and that we garner all their opinons, not just the few kids who have parents on the board.

Thanks for understanding.



Please contact us if you are interest in donating or contributing to our club. Thank you for your support!

-CFSC board members

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