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Fund Raising Events for 2022-23

Part of the mission of the Cody Figure Skating Club has always been to make sure that skating is an affordable sport for our local kids.

Making and maintaining ice is a very expensive business and buying ice time for our skaters is our biggest single cost. 
Rather than pass the burden of the true costs of club membership to our skating families, every year we fundraise together to help pay the club bills and keep our kids on the ice. Membership of the CFSC is subsidized for members by $100 per skater and accordingly, all CFSC skaters are expected to fundraise at least $100 each as part of their club membership agreement. Some of the activities planned for 2022-23 are as follows:

Skate-a-Thon - November 1, 2022  4:00pm - 5:00pm

This is our main fundraising event for the fall session, but we don't just skate 'laps' for the CFSC! Oh no!  Imagine the fun when we set up an obstacle course and create relay races for our young skaters - they have a ball while raising money for our non-profit club. Doing it this way also means that participating skaters can ask for a donation rather than a per-lap pledge.   This year we have add another options for collecting donations.  Check your emails for your own personal link to 99 pledges.  Its a great way for family and friends who are not close by to make a donation for your skater!


Remember, all skaters are expected to fundraise at least $100 each as part of their club membership agreement.


We understand that some older skaters may not want to participate in a sponsored event, so these skaters are expected engage in TWO alternatives:

1)    Design and construct the obstacle course

2)    Starting January, older skaters must find sponsors for our spring competition.

The board will be handing out envelopes with pledge sheets on Sunday, October 9, 2022

Please return your envelope by November 17th, 2022


If your child does not have a ride to the rink after school, please know they may use the school bus that takes kids to the rec center. Coaches can meet your child off the bus and call you to say they have arrived safely. 

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