Private Lessons:
All CFSC skaters get great coaching from our highly qualified and acredited USFSA and PSA coaches in group lesson time, but your skater may also opt for private lessons.  Some skaters would like to progress more quickly so they can test, enter competitions, or just have more fun with the sport and find that extra tuition is the conduit. 

Most private lessons are 20 minutes, but advanced skaters can sometimes book 30 minutes. 

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Working with Visiting Coaches:

If your skater will be testing pre-preliminary or higher, they may book with the visiting coach

Here is the link to book (all coaches on our roster use the same booking link which is usually updated on the Friday prior to the visiting coach's arrival.)
Cost is usually $20-24 for 20 minutes, $30-36 for 30 mins.

Availablity of lessons with visiting coaches is contingent upon both the Riley Arena ice schedule, and the visiting coach's travel plans.)


Working with CFSC coaches:

Snowplow, Basic Skills or Freeskate skaters may book private lessons with Coach Tashi.  Skaters in the Snowplow or Basic 1-6 group should not book with Visiting Coaches.

Here is the link to book with our CFSC coach. $20 for 20 minutes.    

Tashi usually posts her private lesson schedule on Mondays
including lesson slots for Tues, Thurs & Sun)

Here is the link to book with the Snowplow's Coach Grace:

$20 for 20 minutes.

CFSC Coaching Roster


Coach Avery Bandel 

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Coach Amy Malachowski

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Coach Tashi Mathuin


Coach Alex McCready

Coach Kyla Jewell


Coach Kathie Jewell