Visiting Coach: Kathy Jewell

Visiting Coach: Kyla Jewell

Coach Macey Reed

Cody Coach: Macey Reed

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Cody Coach: Tashi Mathuin

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Private Lessons:
Private lessons are a dollar a minute for coaching, and are generally 20 minutes long. Occasionally you may be able to book a double lesson, but please remember coaches are busy and need to reach as many skaters as possible. 


Private lessons can be booked directly with visiting coaches, usually during the week before they arrive, and a notification will be sent out by the club as each coach's schedule becomes available for their session, and most use dedicated booking apps to book lessons. Links below where applicable.


  • Please know that when coaches put private lessons online they are often booked out in 15 minutes flat,
    so you have to move fast. 

  • If your skater is in the Snowplow or Basic 1-6 group, they should not book with visiting coaches (unless they are working with Coach Tiffany during September 2021). Snowplow and Basic 1-6 skaters should generally continue to work with their own Coaches Macey and Tashi whose private lesson schedules will be updated every Monday at 2pm.

  • If you hit a link and the app shows no times available, coaches have either sold out of lesson availability or their schedule is not yet posted.