At Coach Corey's suggestion, the CFSC started a traveling team in 2016.   Our skaters had fun competing in competitions in Rapid City, SD, Casper WY, and Billings, MT where they all qualified for Nationals at the State Games.  Then in 2017, seven AFSC skaters traveled to Michigan to compete in the Nationals. 
What an exciting experience it was for them and a wonderful  way to see our club growing!
CFSC skaters are preparing through the year for the Cody Spring Classic Competition anyway, so they already have the routines and skills needed to join the traveling team and have fun. 
Parents are responsible for all travel expenses, accommodations, food and competition fees.
If coaches are able to come to support our skaters, we also pay their expenses and an honorarium- split between all competing skaters. 
Please bear in mind that the requirements for competitions are not always universal. You should check each competition's 'sanction' to be sure you know the rules and the events offered.
Most competitions use the same Entryeeze system we use in Cody for ease of entry and payments.
Competitions are usually on Saturdays, skaters usually travel to the host town the night prior so they can get in a couple of practice sessions to acclimate to ice conditions at the host club (which can feel VERY different to your skater).
Being part of a traveling team is an invaluable experience for our skaters and all levels are eligible to enter...  although younger skaters may want to try competing at our home competition before striking out further afield.
We are always excited to add more skaters to the traveling team. 

Speak with the coaches or a board member if your skater is interested!


2017 National State Games Competitors