Deadline TBA 

Deadline TBA  

Tests are a way skaters can measure their progress. USFSA test sessions are offered annually by Cody Figure Skating Club. 
The result of your test does not affect your competition classification for 28 days.


Applications to test must be approved by a coach, and the test chair of the club.

Test fees are payable prior to the day of testing and you may enter for testing via Entryeeze.
The link will appear live in the next couple of weeks.
Members of other clubs are welcome to test with us and must submit permission from his/her home club in order to test at CFSC. 

Testing Chair: Karen Anderson

Please address any and all questions re testing to Karen at this email:

USFSA Testing Levels

Figure skating in the U.S. can be either competitive or recreational, and those learning to skate can choose either route. While competitive skaters are required to participate in the U.S. testing structure to eventually compete in qualifying competitions, recreational skaters can also opt to take tests in order to continually challenge themselves and their abilities.

The official tests of U.S. Figure Skating may be taken by all figure skaters who are members of a member club or collegiate club, individual members who are currently registered with U.S. Figure Skating and are otherwise qualified under these rules, as well as by members of a member association of the ISU.

Test sessions can only be held under the auspices and control of a member club. Fees are involved and vary by club. Sessions are organized and run under procedures outlined in the U.S. Figure Skating Rulebook. Any person who is interested in participating in the U.S. Figure Skating testing structure should review the U.S. Figure Skating Rulebook


1    Basic 1-6 thumb.png

Click to download BASIC 1-6 level information

FREESKATE Levels 1-6

1    Freeskate 1-6 thumb.png

Click for FREESKATE 1-6

level information


1    Juv Freestyle thumb.png

Click on individual links to download test requirements for each adv skating level.
(Moves In the Field - mitf)

(Freeskate - fs) 

Pre-preliminary - mitf

Preliminary - mitf

Pre-Juvenile - mitf

Juvenile - mitf

Intermediate - mitf

Novice - mitf

Junior - mitf

Senior - mitf

Preliminary - FS

Pre-Juvenile - FS

Juvenile - FS

Intermediate - FS

Novice - FS

Junior - FS

Senior - FS
Note: you cannot progress to your next test up in FS until you have passed the corresponding MITF test.
However, you can go all the way up the MITF test ladder without ever taking a FS test.